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Cincinnati Zoo Deletes Twitter Under Barrage Of Harambe Memes

The Internet is not going to let the Cincinnati Zoo forget Harambe the gorilla anytime quickly. The zoo, where employees shot and eliminated Harambe in May after a 3-year-old kid entered the enclosure, has actually deactivated its social networks accounts due to an endless barrage of memes and jokes about the departed silverback. In case […]


Helpful Little Boy Has Hilarious Reaction To Granny Panties

Miles ’ granny is one fortunate woman. While the majority of grandmas would get stuck cleaning turf and catsup discolorations from their grandkids ’ clothing, one little grand son called Miles was captured on a humorous house video, submitted by America’ s Funniest Home Videos on Aug. 21, really seriously doing granddaddy and grammaw’ s […]


9 Times Pixar Movies Made Us Cry Like Babies

Just freely weeping while viewing a kids motion picture, nbd. 1. The part in Toy Story 3 where Andy offers Woody away to Bonnie, who then instantly feeds him to an ill deer: When Andy parts with his finest buddy and sees a wild fawn consume Woodys damaged limbs right from Bonnies hands, we cant […]